Mya Bar in Van Cao street – Review (updated March 2018)

Update 12th March 2018: There has been a lot of bad feedback about the owner’s business practices recently. I have been friendly with many of the staff over the last year and the following is a list of complaints from them:

  • The owner refuses to pay the staff overtime.
  • The staff do not receive the tips, kept by the owner.
  • Staff undergo a 3-day probationary period, which is unpaid.
  • They constantly receive fines from the owner.
  • Staff are not allowed a break to eat or drink.
  • Staff are paid a measly 15,000 VND/hour, well below the average.
  • They are regularly required to assist the owner with NO pay.

We approached the owner as concerned customers and he told us it was none of our business and if we don’t like it we can leave.

During the Lunar New Year holiday the owner added a 20% surcharge, however, customers weren’t advised and only discovered the 20% after receiving the bill.

This bar has certainly lost its mojo in the last 6 months and the owner’s true colours are shining through. I, for one, will not be returning.

Previous review:

I’ve been frequenting Mya bar now for about 6 months so I thought I’d give it a review.

As much as I like Mya Bar it comes with a long list of negatives. This review is based on my experiences after 6 months and is no way biased because of my friendship with the owner.

One of the most annoying things about this bar, as a long time patron, is the over-priced drinks and food. Beers and spirits here are more expensive than any other bar I’ve visited in Hai Phong. The food is quite average and again, well over-priced, 165,000 for a small pizza is western prices. Another issue here is they forever run-out of products. Beer, fruit and food are the main ones that are sometimes never in stock.

The big plus here is the staff, they are all very friendly and some speak English and they honestly do make the place. If it wasn’t for the staff of Mya I would never go there.

The owner is also a friend of mine and he is a nice guy, but he seriously needs to look at prices and start treating people fairly.

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