Angus MacKay’s blog #8

Blog 8 – my first year 1 class!

Year one. 6/7 years old and full of wonder every day. Never have I ever done so many high-5s in a day! I was initially impressed when I walked into the first class (in which I almost got suffocated from students trying to hug/climb on me). Before even starting to teach I had hands up- questions about me from a 6 year old are exactly as you’d expect ‘what’s your name’, ‘how old are you’, ‘where you from.’

The way I will write this is showing everything in two forms, simply put: boring and fun.

Boring: Get flash card out, one by one show the vocabulary you have for the day. Have students repeat the words back to you.

Fun: channel your inner children’s entertainer, remove the flash cards from their packet dramatically, toss the empty packet behind you. Brows through the selection while showing faked enthusiasm for each picture [children on edge of their seat]. Flip the first flash card around for half a second. Give students another 1 second look [hands go up]. Show class the flash card in a semi circle action. Drill. Show the second to only one student while saying ‘oooooooerrrrrr’. Let students stir before showing them. Drill. Show the third upside down and watch them explode while trying to tell you to turn it round. Turn it on it’s side, then the other side, then the right way up. Drill. 4th ask them to guess what it is from the others. Show them. Drill.

Boring: write words on board and continue to drill.

Fun: write words on board above pictures and point dramatically, get quicker and quicker until they can’t keep up and burst out laughing.

Boring: give flash cards out and have students place them under words.

Fun: distribute flash cards and have students race up to the board. First student back in their seat wins a point. Additionally to add entertainment, do this word by word and pretend to chase the student back to their seats, pretending to be a zombie. (Students go wild for this one)

Boring: let individual students identify words from the vocabulary.

Fun: have 2 students stand back to back holding flash cards , say 1,2,3,bang. Students take 3 steps and on ‘bang’ turn and shout the word the opponent is holding. First wins points.

Boring: put vocabulary in a sentence and have students repeat these in order.

Fun: have each team do the activity and give points for first/loudest/most enthusiastic answer.

I am new to teaching students this young, and I am keen to improve myself. First lessons went well and I am looking forward to more of these high energy hilarious lessons.







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