Angus Mackay blog # 3 A day in the life.

How I came to teach at DTLC in Hai Phong, Vietnam.

During my second year of university I was toying with the idea of becoming a full time teacher, specialising in physical education. Doing a one-year intensity course, at the same university where I had some of my best undergrad years was extremely appealing. However, during my third year I became underwhelmed with my current course (sport & exercise science Bsc) and with the education system I was in. On an off chance I happened upon a careers advice seminar, where multiple stations had been set up for every conceivable job. Through the crowded room I spotted a stand with an 8-foot poster showing the wonders of the Vietnam geography (if you have not seen pictures of Ha Long Bay I suggest you google it). I approached with curiosity, having done some travelling before in South-East Asia. After 15 minutes of back and forth questions about what ‘TEFL’ (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) was and how to apply, my mind was almost decided. A few short conversations with a previous TEFL teacher later, and an extensive amount of research I was certain this is how I wanted to spend my early 20’s.

Once I graduated I took a course in TEFL and booked my flight. With a few different work placement options, I landed on Hai Phong, as reviews I read described both the hectic nature of Hanoi, and the opposite more rural areas such as Vinh. Hai Phong was described as middle ground between , with less busy roads, and central areas, yet enough western options to fill your time with. Hai phong has lived up to this promise of having the best of both worlds, somewhere I could see myself living on a semi-pertinent basis.

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