Angus Mackay’s blog # 2 A day in the life.

A day in the life.


My Thursday morning this week started, as do all my mornings, with a coffee on my balcony overlooking the quiet suburban street our accommodation (called the DTLC Campus), is on. Amongst the faint noises of car and motorbike engines, the laughs and cheers of the local children can be heard. Having no lessons until the afternoon, I took a quick trip on my bike down to a local street vender to pick up an egg ‘banh my’, before cruising down to the local market to pick up some locally sourced fruit. After storing my fruit back in my room, me and a friend travelled to a local coffee shop to review the afternoons lesson plans over a coconut coffee.

With my taxi to school a little under an hour away, I traveled back to the DTLC Campus to pack my bag with teaching supplies. A short air conditioned taxi ride later, I arrive at the school about 25 minutes before the start of my lesson. This allowed me time to catch up with my students about the latest football scores in Europe, and even join in a quick game of shuttlecock football. After 4 lessons of combining learning and fun activities with the students, I jumped into my return taxi. This short journey is regularly filled with stories of the previous lessons’ antics and hilarities which are always numerous.

After a well deserved shower and relax, me and a few other teachers had some dinner at our local restaurant, before getting ready for football. Thursdays is 7-a-side football night, against a team made up by our teaching assistant and their friends. For about an hour and a half we play on a local court, which costs approximately $1.20 (30,000 Dong). Following this we have a quick journey to a local bia hoi street side bar, where we drank beers 5,000 Dong beers (I’ll let you do the maths). Back and showered by 11:30 and ready to sleep before the last teaching day of the week.

To be continued…..

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