The truth behind DTLC Hai Phong

I started this website because there are a couple of bad reviews for DTLC which I honestly believe are false. An ex-employee of DTLC from 5 years ago wrote a bad review and I worked for DTLC at that time and I have recently returned to work for DTLC. The company is a much better company now and the recruitment process of the teachers is much better because now the teachers must have a degree and TEFL cert and police background check. In the past, this wasn’t the case. I have never had an issue getting paid by DTLC, I only teach 20 hours a week – no office hours, they pay for my house, they pay for all my visa and work permit costs, they give interest-free loans, flight reimbursements as well as paid and unpaid holidays. I am truly happy working here and I want this site to help DTLC.

One thought on “The truth behind DTLC Hai Phong

  1. I worked at DTLC for 3 years. I never had an issue with them, the issue I had was with some of the foreign teachers. We got paid on-time, they did our visa, they provided decent accom and we didn’t work very much. Pretty easy job really.

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