Dang Tuan Language Center, DTLC

Dang Tuan Language Center DTLC has been in Hai Phong for many years and has been supplying foreign English teachers to schools in Hai Phong since 1995. I started this site because a former disgruntled employee of DTLC started writing negative comments which I think are total horse shit (excuse my language). DTLC isn’t perfect and they are constantly evolving as a company in the ESL industry. Back in 2013 and earlier the teachers didn’t require a degree to work as a teacher, and I can tell you some of the teachers were  a mess. Some couldn’t even iron their clothes for work, they would come to work hungover or stoned, you’d be lucky if they came to work at all, they wouldn’t clean the houses that were provided to them, one who I remember clearly, couldn’t even take his clothes out of the washing machine. DTLC has now completely changed the way the business is run and the people they employ. Currently, there is foreign management, the housing is much better than before and the working conditions are also much better. I urge you to read through my site and the blogs of teachers past and present and decide with eyes wide open.

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