The truth behind DTLC

Recently I came across some bad reviews about DTLC on wordpress by a former employee who worked at DTLC more than 6 years ago. I really wanted to start this site to help DTLC because I think the reviews are completely unfair. DTLC has changed dramatically as a company over the last 10 years and they are always trying to improve themselves. I’ve worked in the ESL industry for 8 years and I can tell you that many ESL teachers I’ve met over the years are not exactly what you would call ‘QUALITY INDIVIDUALS’. I don’t know why this industry attracts so many people like that, but it does. DTLC recognized that having Vietnamese try to manage foreigners just doesn’t work so they now have foreign management and it makes a huge difference. This is my second contract with DTLC and I know people who have worked here with DTLC for more than 3 years without any major complaints. DTLC pays my salary on-time, they pay for my house and bills, they pay for my visa, reimburse flights, give paid holidays, interest free loans and the list goes on. I really hope this site helps you if you’re considering a position at DTLC